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January 25-27


24. July 2017 Corporate2Innovation0

After a two very successful conferences on Corporate Innovation and Intrapreneurship, we are organizing a third one that is all about “People Side of Innovation”.

Last two conferences were about learning more about Innovation and Open Innovation principles, and we went through many topics that our keynote and speakers, panelists and other important participants presented for the audience – feedback about the conference was great, but now it is time to move forward with more specific topics. We had many conversations with people involved in innovation practice and they confirmed us that two major factors in getting the innovation right is – people and corporate culture. In other words, it is all about people that you have and that have capabilities to move the company forward, but also having company culture that supports the activities driven by the indivuduals – not just supporting but also creating the environment where individuals can grow and develop themselves (and company with that, of course).

Those two topics will be the core elements of 2017 edition of the conference. We will examine the role of individual (intrapreneur) in the innovative organization (or the one that wants to be innovative). We will also examine the environment that needs to be build by the organization to support those individuals. We will look at the best practices that will be presented by our partners and invited companies. We will examine the frameworks that are used by the HR to grow and develop innovative individuals.

So, this year Conference is for you if:

  • you want to learn on how your organization can become innovative or at least start the journey toward one
  • look for the (or you are) innovative individual who wants to learn how it can contribute to the corporate transformation
  • you are the leader of the innovation processes in your organization and you are trying to find out what are the best practices
  • you are innovation manager and you need to setup an innovation lab, hackaton or process which will support your innovation
  • your company is asking you, HR manager supporting the innovation in the organization, to find, support or develop individuals with highest potential
  • or… you just know that your organization need to change, and you are looking for a support how to do that

There are, of course, many other reasons WHY you should attend or participate or partner with this Conference. But you will benefit from knowledge transfer and networking for sure, and you will learn a lot. So, it is up to you to decide what to do next, since your participation on the Conference is already decided. 🙂