Corporate Innovation & Intrapreneurship 2019
3 days / 20+ talks, 20+ speakers / 4+ workshops

November 20th – 22nd, Zagreb, Croatia

Call for Speakers for CORP2IN 2017 is OPEN!


… until 01.10.2017 which is actually more than enough time to apply to become one of the legendary speakers on this conference! Please use the link “APPLY” to open a form where you can apply to become a speaker on the Conference. If you need more info on what actually means to be a Speaker on Corporate Innovation and Intrapreneurship Conference, please use this link “CALL FOR SPEAKERS“. See you in the Conference!


Corporate Innovation and Intrapreneurship conference is all about introducing innovation, design thinking, intrapreneurship but also everything new and shiny to the corporate accounts. And also learning a lot from new ventures and people that think differenty.

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