Corporate Innovation & Intrapreneurship 2019
3 days / 20+ talks, 20+ speakers / 4+ workshops

November 20th – 22nd, Zagreb, Croatia

How to create intrapreneurship culture?


You have been to many conferences where gurus of corporate culture are giving you a word of wisdom: “You have to create a corporate culture that will support innovative employees” – or in other words, you need to develop an intrapreneurship inside the company. Like that one is easy and there is a handbook for that one… After all this years, it looks like you have to build your own approach – listening to other people, advisors, practicioners, reading a lot, participating in the Conferences like this one, but at the end – you have to find your own way.

Intrapreneurs are not that different than Entrepreneurs – but there is one big difference in the environment around them: if you are an intrapreneur, it is your ogranization that can benefit our of the intrapreneurs work (but it also takes the risk). Intrapreneurs should understand that you are giving them a freedom to do specific things inside the organizations, and that they are, in a way, protected from the potential negative effects that sometimes experiments bring along. But they also need to feel rewarded on a successul experiment: if you are benefiting a ton from the work of intrapreneurs, please make sure that they know how grateful you are. Please remmember that incentives are not only related to the direct incentives like money or benefits – most of the innovative people actually look for the rewards and recognitions (but that is something for another post).

And this is exactly how and why we create this one: instead of telling you what to do, we are opening a space for you to collaborate, work together, mingle, join, make connections, exchange ideas or in other words trying to show you what you (maybe) should do in your own organizations – creating the space and environment where ideas flow freely, and where you enjoy participating and sharing.


Corporate Innovation and Intrapreneurship conference is all about introducing innovation, design thinking, intrapreneurship but also everything new and shiny to the corporate accounts. And also learning a lot from new ventures and people that think differenty.

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