Corporate Innovation & Intrapreneurship 2017
3 days / 30+ talks / 30+ speakers / 6 workshops
Join us at the Conference and become a Speaker!

SAVE THE DATE: November 08th to 10th, 2017, Zagreb, Croatia
Presentation / Session / Panel


Please use this page to sumbit an abstract of your potential presentation, session or panel on the Corporate Innovation and Intrapreneurship 2017 Conference. Please have in mind that we have a limited number of slots for a presentation so be quick, good and interesting so that we can have a great Conference!



Please note that presenting authors of all accepted presentations will have a free attendance to the Conference, and we will make sure that this is one of their favourite conferences. We do expect that you will honor Abstract Submission deadline (01.10.) and if accepted, Final Presentation deadline (01.11.)


Types of submissions

We are looking for a submissions that are not too academic, and not too technical. We are promoting Innovation and Intrapreneurship, Corporate Culture Change, Design Thinking etc. Think any innovative in the Corporation, and you can submit that as a proposal!


Submision process

Even if we know that you are experienced speaker, and you are well familiar with the process, let us repeat few rules and steps how do we do this.

01. Abstract Information

Please read all the information on this page and make yourself familiar with the unConference. If you have any additional questions, do not hesistate to contact us at

02. Web Submission

If you want to be part of the Conference, we do expect that you send us an short Abstract (250 words max) by 01.10. Please click on the link below to start the process.


03. Final Check

For those who will be preselected, we will organize a Skype call with organizing committee just to check that we are fully aligned. And we do expect your final presentations by 01.11.



Even if it looks very straightforward, there are some guidelines/frequently asked questions that you can check about how to participate and what work we do require.

  • Conference Topics / Please read first
  • Roundtables and debates
  • UnConference Format
  • Coordination Calls
Conference Topics / Please read first
It is all about Innovation. More content soon.
Roundtables and debates
We usually do a roundtable or two on the Conference – and if you think or prefer this type of activity, please let us know. Due to their format, they are organized in a different way, so we have a different communication with the speakers on the panel. Usually, we have a joint call where we introduce to each other, then we discuss the topic, and how we could contribute to the panel. We also exchange questions few days before the panel, and we have panelist feedback.
UnConference Format
Due to the popular demand, we are introducing more and more interactive ways how attendeed can participate in the Conference, and unConference became really popular. unConference means that almost half of our Schedule is practically unkonown at the begining of the Conference and then we let participants to decide what they want to talk about, what ideas they want to present etc. Participants that suggested specific topic usually become a moderators of the session – and their task is to present and topic, lead the conversation, and later, report back on what were the conclusions of the discussions. Otherwise, everything else related to the Conference applies to them – including a free participation.
Coordination Calls
At this Conference we communicate a lot BEFORE the Conference happens. It is very important to us that we keep the quality of the Conference high, so we will make sure that your presentations are top ones. We also need to make sure that all of you (presenters) are lined up in a logical flow, that you have an unique content and that you do not overlap with other presenters. We are usually organizing a Skype Conf Calls, but we can use any other available communication technology.
  • Timing and Content
  • Language
  • Compatibility / Please read first
  • Covering Costs
Timing and Content
Our presentation slots are usually 30 minutes. For you, that means that your presentation, even if you are experienced speaker, should not exceed 7-10 slides. We never develop specialized template for the Conference, so we are giving you a liberty to reuse or use whatever you have and want, as long as it supports the main topic of the presentation. Stay away from the marketing slides, do not spend too much on the intro, and never forget to close presentation with some call for action.
Our conferences are always International (speakers) and Regional (Atendees). We communicate everything using English language, but from time to time, you can find some content on the social networks and maybe here on Croatian language (which is undersandable for most of the countries in the region). If you are a foreign speaker, we do expect that you will have a presentation in English language, and that your slides will also be in English. If you are one of our regional guys, it is totally OK to speak in your own language (Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian) but we preffer to have a slides in English, so that everyone, including our speakers and guests, can follow at least a little bit. We do not provide simultaneous translation for anyone, but we are utilizing some advanced Cloud Technologies to do a close captioning (CC) using Microsoft Powerpoint Translator (still in beta, but it usually works).
Compatibility / Please read first
OK, people, let us repeat this one more time: Powerpoint. I know that you are very special and you have this and that and special whatever but our experience is… Powerpoint Works. We will make sure that presenter laptops are loaded with latest version. And you will send us last version of the presentation at least a week before the Conference, so that we can try out everything. Sometimes you can export to PDF, that is also OK. But please no Keynote, Macs, “need to plug in my own laptop”, type of requests. We love you, but it makes our life miserable. Additional note: if you need to do a demo, run a video, sing during the Conference, whatever, please consult us on time, so that we can prepare the best possible experience for you, and for the participants.
Covering Costs
If you are selected as a speaker or panelist for the Conference, we are trying to cover all reasonable costs for the Conference (hotel and travel costs). All costs need to be agreed with the Organizer upfront, since we will try to find best possible cost/value ration with the hotels and also make sure that you have good time with us in Zagreb. As for travel cost, it usually means covering your flight expenses, but same applies here for the tickets – please consult the Organizer first. If you have someone to bring to the Conference (like, someone special or just your colleagues from your company), please send us a note, we can always re-organize something so that we help you with the whole experience.

Important Notes

And finally few notes at the end, maybe they could be usefull when you are thinking about participation and submission.

Session Chair Guidelines

Every session group have its own chair. And he is the king of the decisions – if you are not in, please dont be angry, we are doing our best.

Speaker Guidelines

Please understand that presentation here is to help people understand and learn, you dont have to prove that you are an expert. We know.

Audiovisual Policy

Again, Powerpoint 16:9 is preffered. We are not forcing you to do a strange templates, so dont force us to think how to run a Keynote. And Macs also have connectivity issues, too.

Code of Conduct

Please behave. We have number of other people trying to make this happen. So, again, presentations on time. Be there on time. Be nice to people.