Corporate Innovation & Intrapreneurship 2018
2 days / 20+ talks, 20+ speakers / 4 workshops
@Algebra LAB

November 29th – 30th, Zagreb, Croatia
Chief Operating Officer TM7 IT Innovators

Amir Sabirović

Passionate about people & technology, solving existing & future business challenges with AI, NLP & Blockchain while improving Digital IQ of employees.

Amir was born in Bihac, Bosnia Herzegovina. The town which owes his allurement to a river called Una, named by the Romans (the only one), because of her beauty. Amir grew up on the banks of this river and was never a big fan of letting fast streams carry him; his sport was to dive into a stream and swim against it as fast and long as he could.

Adventurous and curious he spent most of his days outside or in the books where he could let his creativity go and envision the stories he read. These characteristics are still the primary drivers behind his passion for everything he does. Sincerity, candour and the will to help others Amir got from his father which for him was the figurehead of character. ‘Deal is a deal, firm handshake and looks in the eyes is enough.’ The perseverance and never saying no to a challenge are the character gifts he received from his mother.

Amir is a passionate and enthusiastic person who can see the light in everything and is willing to help others succeed and support them in their journey



The impact of AI on culture and innovation. This is rather general but clear on why culture and innovation will be impacted by the Artificial Technology. On the other hand, I focused on the reality of AI not the hype you read on LinkedIn. So, we can make different combination Impact of AI on businesses as you know them (with practical examples from the field). Data and Analytics are fundamental things for AI and without these in place, well there is no AI.