CORP2IN 2019 – Innovation week
2 days / 5+ talks / 4 workshops
@Algebra LAB

November 20th – 22nd, Zagreb, Croatia
Intrapreneur in Residence at LEGO Brand Group – Co-Founder at Diplomatic Rebels

David Gram

He is dedicated to empower companies and intrapreneurs around the world to become stronger innovators.

David has worked with radical innovation and lean start-up methods in small businesses and large global corporations for the last 15 years – e.g. as Head of Innovation at Scandinavian Airlines, as Senior Innovation Director in LEGO’s Future Lab, and recently as Venture Partner in LEGO Ventures. Using design thinking and agile development, David has been developing and leading innovation units and projects from early incubation to full maturity. He has recently been instrumental in building and launching LEGO Ventures, the new strategic venture arm at the LEGO Brand Group. David is co-founder of Diplomatic Rebels; a company dedicated to empower companies and intrapreneurs around the world to become stronger innovators.

David is passionate about transforming large organizations into lean innovators. Believing that companies not only have an opportunity to better leverage their resources, assets and expertise in creating value, but also a responsibility to lead the global change in a way that has a long term positive impact on human beings and the planet.

Through his experience, David has obtained several unique insights and developed approaches to how businesses can stay afloat in an ever-faster changing world and transform the organization into a change-leading innovator. He believes that anybody can become an innovator in their own organization or as he calls it a Diplomatic Rebel.

As an experienced international key-note speaker and executive advisor, David is using his passion for breakthrough innovation to inspire and infuse this new mindset and toolbox in organizations around the world.



Building a Solid Foundation for Effective Innovation

The world is changing. Exponentially. Companies and industries face a climate of radical change and potential disruption. To be successful in the future, companies will be need to build the capability to constantly experiment with new technologies and future customer offerings in close collaboration with users and external partners.

David Gram, Co-Founder of Diplomatic Rebels and former Venture Partner at LEGO Ventures and will share his hard-learned lessons from tackling disruptions, building world class innovation capabilities and balancing the disruptive forces of innovation with a clear understanding and care for the past – or as he calls it being a Diplomatic Rebel. The presentation will include insights on:

  • Embracing disruptions without disrupting the healthy existing business
  • Building a strategic foundation and structure for radical innovation
  • Fast and low-risk learning using design thinking and agile development
  • Fostering a culture of Intrapreneurship
  • Becoming a Diplomatic Rebel