09. – 10.11.2017
Corporate Innovation & Intrapreneurship 2017
2 days / 20+ talks / 20+ speakers / 4 workshops

November 09th – 10th, Zagreb, Croatia
Managing Partner and co-owner of ImproveMent

Dirk de Corte

Focusing on “maximizing performance by unlocking human potential”, teambuilding and team dynamics, strategy workshops. Certified DISC, Motivators and Emotional Intelligence Facilitator and Situational Leadership (TM) Facilitator. Lecturing, coaching, designing and facilitating workshops on leadership, strategy implementation, change management for medium to large organisations, profit as well as non-profit.



Improvement: How Big is your room for Improvement

Improvement helps organisations to create connecting environments which allow everyone’s talents and qualities to prosper. Our starting point is making people connect with themselves and with one other. Improved connections create better (business) environments. Better connections create better understanding. Key questions to this approach are:

  • Why I am doing things the way I am doing them?
  • What are my preferred behavioural styles?
  • What gives me energy? What sucks energy out of me?

Answers to these questions create a better and more successful business environment, enhancing motivation and happiness for people.



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Session and Workshop

Please find the list of sessions and workshops here that will be presented by the speaker.


Innovation Impact on People: What you need to Know

In my 20 minutes contribution I will highlight the impact innovation has on people – how various people look upon Innovation in different ways, depending on their communication and behavioural preferences. Some people approach innovation in a technical, planned, analytical, more introverted way; some people look upon innovation in a more “unstructured”, intuition-driven way. These two views, when not well managed, can conflict and kill innovation processes in organizations.

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Workshop: How Innovation Impacts People?

Workshop that extends the lecture that will be given at the Day 1 of the conference. We will play the games and learn a lot about us and others, and their innovation styles.

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