Corporate Innovation & Intrapreneurship 2018
2 days / 20+ talks, 20+ speakers / 4 workshops
@Algebra LAB

November 29th – 30th, Zagreb, Croatia
Director of Technology and Innovation at Harbour Innovation Campus / keynote speaker

Ken Finnegan

The Harbour Innovation Campus is located in Dublin Ireland. The Campus will leverage Ireland’s superb capability in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Data Analytics, the Internet of Things, 5G and Blockchain to facilitate and help companies co-innovate and develop solutions in application areas such as FinTech, MarineTech, AgriFoodTech, CommTech, Smart Cities and Energy.

Ken partners with business to create great innovations and provide investment in technology and works closely with senior executives on their most complex and strategic technology issues, evaluating and advising on emerging technologies, defining the business and technology strategic agenda, and assisting in the process in providing state aid to support industrial growth and jobs. He contributes to national government policy with regards to emerging trend identification, priority areas for investment and investment allocation. He regularly contributes to a variety of business and industry journals.

He holds a degree in Information Technology and Telecommunication from The University of Limerick and a Masters of Science from The Smurfit Business School, University College Dublin.



The term ‘innovate or die’ has been used extensively over the past 25 years when it comes to digital innovation. However never has there been a more appropriate time to innovate. Technology is changing everything and with digital transformation there is immense opportunity out there for entrepreneurs and innovators.  Ken will present on how Digital Innovation is happening in Ireland, the emerging trend of ‘open innovation’ and the journey companies must take in the era of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, 5G, Data, Blockchain etc.

Ireland is ranked 10th in the world according to the open innovation index. This has been achieved through strategic planning and execution over 65 years. The Irish Government have managed to great an environment where multinational companies are thriving and innovating. Ken will discuss the different ingredients that has enabled Ireland to become global digital leader.