CORP2IN 2019 – Innovation week
2 days / 5+ talks / 4 workshops
@Algebra LAB

November 20th – 22nd, Zagreb, Croatia
Head of Business Development at Design Terminal

Laszlo Jonas

Business development specialist with an educational background in social sciences, political sciences and business, and a professional background in banking, finance, business and management.

Laszlo Jonas studied at the Corvinus University of Budapest and at the University of Amsterdam and graduated in social sciences, political sciences, and economics. He started his carrier at the retail division of market-leading international banks, where he managed multiple branches and teams.

He is Head of Business Development at Design Terminal since 2016, where he managed the international expansion of the innovation agency that today have activities in 12 European countries.



Startup-corporate collaboration

Trough presentation we will answer why is important to keep the knowledge at the company and how can the corporate partner utilize the knowledge they receive from startups and mentors for the long term. We would take a case study of ours, to have a real-life experience, including success and failure facto