Corporate Innovation & Intrapreneurship 2019
3 days / Inspiring talks, great speakers / 4 workshops
@Algebra LAB

November 20th – 22th, Zagreb, Croatia
NTC learning system author, Member at Gifted children committee & Mensa International

Ranko Rajović

When we talk about education, Dr. Ranko Rajović is one of the main authorities in the region and the author of an innovative program called the NTC learning system. He is also an internal medicine specialist and has a doctorate in neuroendocrinology and sports sciences.

He is a long-time president of the Gifted children committee of Mensa International and a collaborator of UNICEF’s project for the promotion of early childhood intellectual development as well as a lecturer at the Faculty of Education in Koper.



How to eneble creativity?

Developing speed of thinking, connecting the dots and making conclusions

Talk will help audience to adopt functional knowledge and creativity by increasing divergent production and practicing information, i.e. knowledge integration. Experiences gathered through work and stimulation influence on children over last 15 years helped NTC team to develop the method. Presentation will show application of NTC aspect on grown-ups and how the method can be used to develop the creativity.


Technology development, vast number of communication channels and information overload consequently lead to attention span disorder and lack of interest in people. On the other side, digital transformation, now work principles, exponential technology development and increase market demands puts a huge amount of pressure on managers, strategists and innovators. Decision-making is on steroids as number of possible outcomes is multiplying. You cannot make decision on previous experiences and models, but on predictions, market flow and ever changing consumer needs based on new technology development. In addition, this is not concerning just top-level managers but the whole organization.

In organizations classic management approach is no longer working. Agile methods are replacing ‘Command and control’ style. Self-organizing teams with decision-making authority are leading projects. New way of thinking and decision-making based on available, real time information – at the employee level – is mandatory in the new, fast and flexible organization.