Corporate Innovation & Intrapreneurship 2019
3 days / Inspiring talks, great speakers / 4 workshops
@Algebra LAB

November 20th – 22th, Zagreb, Croatia
Innovation Manager_Lecturer_Writer, 7INNOVATION / Contributor_The Future Shapers

Tomislav Buljubašić

Involved in everyday work with new ideas (innovations an improvements). Running more then 70 internal and external innovation workshops in last 5 years which helped in generating many interesting novelties. Encouraging innovation culture in the organization and presenting this topic externally (conferences and lectures on faculties). Scouting new technology trends. Experience in idea management and knowledge of patent process knowledge.

Tomislav is an innovation practitioner in IT industry, writer and lecturer. He is working on establishing innovation culture and creating innovations programs and has more than a decade of experience in innovation&technology management. He is an author of innovation reward program with a target of raising innovation culture and a special series of innovation challenges for software engineers.
Through many educations for companies, entrepreneurs and students he is trying to encourage on new ways of thinking using scenarios of future and developing the capacities for innovation.

He is an author of the book “Free your creativity” and “Creative Cards – a tool for raising creativity capabilities, idea generation, idea reshaping and self-evaluation.
The new book “Developing Innovation – Innovation Management in IT Companies” will be published soon.

He is an author on popular innovation portals “The Future Shapers” and “Innovation Excellence” and he was declared (by Innovation Excellence) as one of Top 40 Innovation Bloggers in the world last year.



Start into creativity and innovation

This education brings knowledge needed for starting the creative process in the individual, but also in companies and organisations.
What are innovations and how to ignite creativity? Through many examples of successful ideas and techniques you can find out how to direct the focus when generating ideas, how to find an innovator in yourself, but also what to do in further steps inside innovation process.



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Sessions and Workshops

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Human Side of Innovation

There are few types of people you face when asking for ideas. How to change the attitude? How to trigger creativity? How to challenge introverts or developers?

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