Corporate Innovation & Intrapreneurship 2019
3 days / 20+ talks, 20+ speakers / 4+ workshops

November 20th – 22nd, Zagreb, Croatia

Why Digital Innovation?

21. October 2018 by Corporate2Innovation0

World powered by digital economy is changing exponentially. The transition of traditional industries to the digital economy is taking place at rapid pace, generating new demands on innovation. Digitalization of goods and services destroys established business models and disrupts existing value chains. New value chains emerge. This is often called disruptive innovation.

Digital technologies are allowing firms to entirely reimagine current business models within the emerging network of people and machines. They are great driver for change and it creates the opportunities for new and improved business processes, new products and new services all the time.

  • Top innovation impact performers are all characterized by ‘best in business usage of digital technologies.’
  • Propelled by new technology barriers for new participants to enter and create new markets are lower than ever
  • Opportunities are open for new arrangements of collective innovation (large corporations, start-ups, academia, SME, Government…)
  • New technologies augment tools used in research and decrease costs of previously unaffordable research activities
  • Ability to scale fast is starting to become a precondition for innovation success.

There is increasing urgency to adopt and innovate continuously. Organization will open to innovation and provide full support to culture of Innovation or they will not change on time.

That are the reasons why this year conference main focus of the conference will be on DIGITAL INNOVATION.


Corporate Innovation and Intrapreneurship conference is all about introducing innovation, design thinking, intrapreneurship but also everything new and shiny to the corporate accounts. And also learning a lot from new ventures and people that think differenty.

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