Corporate Innovation & Intrapreneurship 2018
2 days / 20+ talks, 20+ speakers / 4 workshops
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Learn about 4 great workshops on the conference!

November 29th – 30th, Zagreb, Croatia
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We will have several workshops on the second day of the conference! At the workshops, participants in small groups, can at individual level with the lecturers, expand knowledge and gain practical experience. The workshops are interactive and exchange of experience helps participants to get ideas from real business, and together with the lecturers rate the best practice








Trigger Creativity using Creativity Cards

Crucial point of every innovation process is ideation and idea evaluation. You want to unleash your creativity or think again about your ideas or come with a new one? Creativity cards raise “What if…?” questions which can guide you to think from the other angle or to question yourself using three main topics: business trends, techno-trends and “in another man’s shoes” principle (by Tomislav Buljubašić)

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How Innovation Impacts People

What impact innovation has on people – how various people look upon Innovation in different ways, depending on their communication and behavioral preferences. Some people approach innovation in a technical, planned, analytical, more introverted way; some people look upon innovation in a more “unstructured”, intuition-driven way. These two views, when not well managed, can conflict and kill innovation processes in organizations (by Dirk de Corte)

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Strategic Innovation

How to do a Strategic Innovation via Strategic Experiments

In the world of technological exponential growth, the future is very unpredictable. Companies occasionally take risky strategical experiments in order to stay on the top of the competition game. Firms that truly are dedicated to strategic innovation cannot simply hope that a super talented individual will save the company. The company and the strategic experiment both need a strategic approach that includes these actions: Forget-Borrow-Learn. What that means in practice it will be discussed at the workshop. (by Barbara Salopek)

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Lean Innovation

Lean Startp Tools for Corporate Innovation (24.11.)

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS WORKSHOP IS ON 24.11! Application of Lean Startup methodology in corporate context and for corporate product management. If you are a corporate product owner or project manager this workshop is 100% for you. But any other corporate role dealing with product management can benefit from this workshop. Join this workshop to understand how the lean startup methodology applies to your corporate product and to your context (by Dan Toma)

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About workshops

What happens on Day2?

Every year we deliver a great conference on corporate innovation and intrapreneurship, but always people want to know more – so we organize a second day that is filled with workshops to extend the ideas and innovation.



Moderators are usually the speakers that you can meet a day earlier, during the conference. Introduce yourself, ask them some questions, prepare for the day 2 and great workshops!

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Check the first day of the conference, and find out where your favourite speakers are in the agenda. Do not miss the conference content, and then dive into the workshops in the day 2.

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