Corporate Innovation & Intrapreneurship 2019
Full day Workshops!

November 20th – 22nd, @ALgebra LAB, Zagreb, Croatia

Day 2

09:00 – 17:00
Algebra LAB
Advance level workshop

Business Model Innovation

Content: A walk through of business model innovation principles and methods incl. tools and methods for rapid experimentation and exploration of new concepts and models. Session will be interactive with breakout sessions allowing for hands-on experience and reflection.

And there will be actually LEGO bricks for you to play with!

Purpose/outcome: Will provide the audience with a deeper understanding and hands-on experience of the latest thinking and tools for business model innovation and rapid experimentation – allowing them to assess the applicability in own organizational area. Will inspire to further experimentation into this field.

Language: English

You will receive Certificate for Participation in Workshop!

What will you


Section I: Intro to business model innovation

  1. Understand the key challenges with business model innovation and how to overcome them
  2. Intro to Business model canvas
  3. Intro to Ecosystem business model thinking
  4. Breakout session: Identify a new business model for your business

Section II: Set the foundation: start with why

  1. Understand how to set a firm foundation for doing effective business model innovation incl. identifying opportunity spaces and setting a clear direction for the experimentation
  2. Intro to pattern recognition methods and opportunity space identification
  3. Breakout session: Set a firm foundation for your business model experimentation

Section III: Intro to rapid experimentation tools (hypotheses, prototyping, testing, iterating)

  1. Understand the process and methods for rapid experimentation with new business model concepts
  2. Breakout session: Identify and describe a concrete business model innovation project/challenge and formulate a hypothesis to be tested
    • Prototype the concept in LEGO bricks (need to source LEGO bricks)
  3. Present prototype in plenum and receive feedback (5 min per team).

Section IV: How to lead the experimentation and be an impactful intrapreneur

  1. Understand the challenges of intrapreneurship and how to overcome these by becoming a Diplomatic Rebels
  2. Breakout session: Define how you will lead the experimentation by adopting the 5 habits of highly impactful intrapreneurs

Section V: Summing up and next step discussion

  1. Facilitated plenum discussion of how to move on.



Intrapreneur in Residence at LEGO Brand Group – Co-Founder at Diplomatic Rebels