CORP2IN 2019 – Innovation week
2 days / 5+ talks / 4 workshops
@Algebra LAB

November 20th – 22nd, Zagreb, Croatia
Co-founder and managing partner at CorpoHub

Matej Golob

CorpoHub is a growing company of dedicated professionals, helping teams in large organizations work more effectively by adopting the agile culture, mindset, and way of working.

Scrum, Agile Leadership, Lean Innovation, Design Thinking, and Design Sprints are some of the most common approaches used in CorpoHub workshops and coaching. They work with clients at home and globally, among them Danfoss, BSH, Phillip Morris, Poclain, Comtrade, Heineken, Petrol and Atlantic Grupa.



Psychological Safety and high performing innovation teams

Agile culture, mindset, and way of working is becoming mainstream – especially in corporate innovation settings. Modern Agile sets Psychological Safety as one of the cornerstones for a team’s effectiveness and self-organizational capabilities.

The importance of this concept was identified almost twenty years ago by Amy Edmundson and become widely used only recently thanks to Google’s internal project. Easy to understand, but not so easy to implement. Like most great things in life and in business.